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Our July newsletter is available onlne

The July 2021 issue of our newsletter, The COFAR Voice, is now available on our website, with articles reporting that:

  • The Department of Developmental Services (DDS) has decided to finally lift family visitation restrictions in light of declining COVID rates in group homes and other residential facilities.
  • New data show the number of DDS clients entering the mainstream workforce dropped after October 2019.
  • The Legislature has upheld Governor Baker’s proposed cuts in funding for state-run DDS group homes, ICFs, and day programs; but COFAR made progress this past spring in getting Senate sponsors for budget amendments to restore that funding.

We also have an article about the retirement in June of Colleen M. Lutkevich, COFAR’s longtime, volunteer executive director. But not to worry — Colleen will continue to be available to do what she has done for 35 years — advocate on behalf of families and guardians of persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Check out those articles and more in the new newsletter.

As usual, we welcome your thoughts about these issues, and your feedback in the comments section below.

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